Bats in Action is a young organization that has been successful in its initial activities only thanks to the involvement of supporters on the local,
regional, national and international levels.

Here are some examples:

  • The community in Moitinga, our rural village, have always provided us with locally grown fruit and vegetables as well as other food items.
  • Friends in Ubajara have helped us with the registration formalities to establish Bats in Action as a legal entity.
  • Online volunteers have helped us with design of a Portuguese and an English website, development of visual materials and much more.
  • A group of students in Germany organized a fundraising project for Bats in Action and supported the renovation of our house in Ubajara.
  • A network of like-minded colleagues all around the world, also graduates from the Kanthari Institute in India, have given us continuous moral support and ideas.
  • Volunteers and publishers have joined hands to provide accessible textbooks for our students.

Many individual donors have contributed small amounts which has made it possible to cover our regular costs, such as food for our students, transportation for visits to potential beneficiaries and other costs.

We are very grateful to every single person who has contributed time, ideas, skills, resources or money to make Bats in Action successful and take the initial steps for the empowerment of blind children.

How can you support us?

  • If you have time to help us, learn how on our Get Involved page.
  • If you have money to support our cause, use our Donate page to give.
  • If you have words to lift us up, simply send us a message using the form on our Email page or on Facebook.