The project is based on the concepts of preparation and self-integration developed by Braille Without Borders. In Tibet, this approach has already shown good results and a generation of empowered blind people has been able to integrate in school and the workplace.

Image of our school in the rural area of Ubajara
Our main building in the rural area of Ubajara

The target group of the preparatory school is specifically children from rural areas who do not have access to quality training in special techniques and methods. As the Brazilian government requires that students with disabilities are included into mainstream education, Bats in Action offers an intensive 2- to 3-year training for children in pre-school or elementary school.

Image of the street with our new house in the rural area of Ubajara
Street with our new additional house on the right (rural area of Ubajara)

All children attend a local school and take part in the training in the afternoons. After completing the training, students return to their homes and integrate themselves into regular schools. As they possess the necessary skills, these students no longer depend on special assistance. They will be able to participate in classroom activities even without the presence of qualified resource teachers. Bats in Action maintains contact with former students and ensures regular follow-up, for example, during holiday programs.