Germana from Viçosa do Ceará

Germana escrevendo em Braille numa reglete
Germana, 23 years old

“Bats in Action is an opportunity I’ve found to overcome my fears. For example, being far from the family, walking without some guiding me, cooking on the stove and making life decisions. In little time, the classes have already given so much to my life, such as learning Braille and how to use the computer. One negative aspect is the absence of family and lack of privacy that I have at home, as this is my first experience living away from home. The association has given me the hope of making my dreams come true. I want to be independent, graduate and afterwards, speak at least two different languages, get into the job market, visit other countries, and be published. I will be eternally grateful for this place that has welcomed me and is empowering me to lead an independent life.”

Adriano from Taperuaba (Sobral)

Adriano andando na rua com a bengala dele
Adriano, 18 years old

“I joined the association because here I have a chance to achieve my own independence. I can finish my studies and stop depending on other people to in the classroom. I’ve learned mobility, so when I get a job I don’t need to take me around. When I discovered YouTube, I realized that there are a lot of content I can use to teach myself. For example, through a channel that I’m subscribed to, I found a video on how to tilt a dump truck. If it weren’t for technical skills and curiosity, I wouldn’t have the chance to learn this information. In addition, I’ve learned to work in the kitchen and prepare something to eat when I’m hungry, and not have to depend on anyone. It’s hard missing my home and family and having to face a very long commute from my house to the school. I imagine my life 10 years from now very different. I’ll have to finish all my studies and graduate college to then start my own business.”

Carol from São Benedito 

Carol sorrindo com a bengala dela do lado da escola
Carol, 28 years old

“I’m in the association because I need to develop more, I want to have autonomy and be independent. I’m learning Braille and how to use the computer because it’s important to know how to read and write. Here, I’m having the opportunity that I did not have as a child. When I first started at the association, I was doubtful if I would have the courage to face this challenge because before this I’d never thought about walking with a cane or studying. In 10 years, I plan to have my independence and a profession that I enjoy.”

Jackson from Santa Quitéria

Jackson usando o notebook dele
Jackson, 28 years old

“I decided to study at the association because here I have an opportunity that I didn’t have at other institutions. Here, I’ve learned to have autonomy, a better attitude and to make my own decisions. I believe that mobility, or getting around, is very important for us to get more confident. When I had something to resolve in the city, I always asked for help from other people, and I felt that it made people uncomfortable because they had their jobs and had to take a few hours to help me. Now, I go anywhere alone, whether it be shopping or traveling to other cities — without anyone accompanying me! In my opinion, besides the mobility, learning to use the computer is also very important to communicate, study, and work. I already can do research on the news and communicate using Facebook or email. In the kitchen, I’m able to prepare several things: meat, beans, rice, sausage or even pizza! The biggest challenge is that the school is far from the family. Over the next ten years, I want to have graduate from college in order to be more prepared and qualified to find a job.”

Germana Márcia from São Benedito

Germana Marcia lendo Braille no quintal da escola
Germana Márcia, 31 years old

“I’m a part of the association because here I can learn here everything I hadn’t learned before. For example, Braille, how to use the computer and mobility. I’ve already been able to learn Braille here. It’s important because being able to read is a good feeling. The first time I read I was 29 years old, and I was thrilled because I didn’t think it would be possible. My biggest challenge is to get around my myself because before I was always accompanied by sighted people. For example, before when I wanted to go to exercise in the gym, which is on my street, I needed someone to drop me off and pick me up. Today, I go back and forth by myself. It gives me a sense of freedom. I imagine my life in ten years working because it would complete my independence.”