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Some Facts

  • Blind people can read in the dark, they just use their fingers.
  • It is possible to read Braille with your eyes, so you can learn it, too.
  • Blind people dream according to their experience: those born blind dream with sounds, touch and smell. Those who went blind later on use their visual memories in their dreams.
  • Blindness is not seeing black. A totally blind person often doesn’t know what black is.
  • There are blind people who have some residual vision: they can see light or even colors and objects, but they are more comfortable using their other senses.
  • Blind people use the computer with a screen reader, a software which translates text into voice. They type on a normal keyboard.
  • It is possible to have an independent life with studies, work, family and hobbies. This some training and adjustment are needed.

Do’s and don’t’s

  • Please inform a blind person when arriving or leaving. It is not so pleasant to talk to a wall.
  • Blind people are not deaf nor mentally retarded. You can speak directly to them instead of referring to a sighted person.
  • If you pass by a friend who is blind, please tell your name, he might not be able to recognize your voice just by a short greeting.
  • The cane is a blind person’s eye. So please don’t grab the cane or hold the hand that uses the cane.
  • Offer help to a blind person, but don’t assume it is always needed. Every person is different and might not want help at this point.
  • If you use photos on a website or Facebook, add a description for blind people to enjoy as well.
  • Blind people are also people. So please remember that we are all different. If you meet an unfriendly blind person, maybe he had a bad day. Just try again with another person.
  • Please don’t reduce blind people to their disability. There’s much more you can talk about with them than just offering help or a seat.