Brazil is a huge country that is developing at very fast rate, especially the southeastern part of the country where the most important cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are. Most big companies and also institutions for the blind are located in the southeastern region of the country. View map here.


Bats in Action is located in the state of Ceará in northeastern Brazil. The state has a total population of 8.6 million inhabitants (2012). Though the region profits from tourism and state programs for poverty alleviation, 900,000 inhabitants of Ceará still live in extreme poverty. View map here.


The city of Sobral, in the north Ceará, has about 190,000 inhabitants. Though Sobral is a central regional with hospitals, universities and other services, suburbs have rural structures with weak infrastructure and often difficulties with transportation. In Sobral, we identified about 15 blind and partially-sighted students and the same numbers of adults. View map here.

Serra da Ibiapaba

The Serra da Ibiapaba is a hilly region in the northwestern part of Ceará, near the border of the neighboring state of Piauí. People in the seven small towns live mainly from agriculture as there is a rich production of fruit and vegetables. The natural beauty of the hilly area and the mild climate attract tourists and offer a potential for development of the region. Bats in Action has identified about 20 blind students and 20 adults in the region. View map here.


The town of Ubajara is 100 km distance from Sobral and has about 32,000 inhabitants living mainly in rural settings. The project is located in a village called Moitinga about 7 km outside the center of Ubajara. View map here.