Why Bats?

Bats are a symbol for blindness. Unfortunately, they are animals with negative feelings associated with them. In reality, bats are fascinating animals with unique capacities. Many species of bats have very poor eye sight, but they have an exceptional sense of hearing which allows them to move around and find their way in darkness without any problems. Their lack of sight is not a disability to them, rather they have adapted to this special situation better than any other animal.

Overall Objective

Bats in Action’s goal is to facilitate inclusion of blind and partially-sighted children into mainstream schools and their communities by preparing them with techniques, strategies and attitudes needed for successful studies and social interaction.

Specific Objectives

Blind children are confident enough to redefine blindness in a positive way. It can be seen as an opportunity for a different life of self-advocacy and problem-solving skills, which enables them to find solutions for their daily problems instead of relying on assistance. They are able to move independently even in a rural environment in order to participate actively in family and community life. It also provides them the sufficient academic skills to integrate themselves in regular schools as well as develop communication, creativity and critical thinking.